Classes taught
2018 Methods of Reasoning, PHIL 121, Binghamton University, instructor of record
2017 Critical Thinking Pedagogy, PHIL 497, Binghamton University, instructor of record (current teaching appointment)
2016 Medical Ethics, PHIL 148, Binghamton University, online, instructor of record

Classes assisted
2018 Introduction to Asian Philosophy, PHIL 105, Binghamton University (Charles Goodman)
2017 Philosophy of Law, PHIL 345, Binghamton University (Anthony Reeves)
2016 Existence and Freedom, PHIL 107, Binghamton University (Robert Guay)
2015 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL 101, Binghamton University (Lisa Tessman)
2015 Medical Ethics, PHIL 148, Binghamton University (Anja Karnein)
2014 Law and Justice, PHIL 146, Binghamton University (Maxim Pensky)
2013 Formal Logic, PHIL 303, Westminster College (Michael Popich)

2018 Teaching Online Certification Program, Binghamton University Center for Learning and Teaching.

Graduate workshops led
2017 “Resistance in the Classroom”
2016 “How to Have a Great First Day”
2015 “Writing Teaching Statements”